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Small Businesses Computer Files
You've seen it on TV and wished you had an expert to guide you in conquering your clutter.

Kitchen, den, office, bedroom, any room in the house can get out of control. We help you sort the clutter, make decisions on things to keep or to discard, and get everything in its place so you can find it when you need it and be at ease in your space.

Are you embarrassed to have guests due to the clutter? Your home can be efficient, comfortable for you, and more welcoming to visitors.

You're skilled at your business but your office and/or shop is disorganized and efficiency suffers as a result. You need someone to organize work spaces so less time is wasted.

Whether it is paper work or product, we can help you achieve good work flow and make your space better for customers and employees alike.

We involve you and your employees to design and implement improvements. After all, those who know the most about the job are the people doing it. We want employees to embrace the change, not fight it and they will support that which they help to create.

You can never remember document names or where they are filed. You need someone to organize them into a logical system that fits your needs and is easy to use.

Org - Pros has implemented many small business and home computer file systems and, working with you, will develop one that is right for you and easy to maintain.

Windows based computers only.

VHS Cassettes to DVD

Do you have stacks of VHS tapes using up space? Org-Pros can copy them to DVD. You get current technology, equal quality, and less storage space required.

We also convert 8mm and Hi-8 video tapes to DVD.


We are experienced, trained, and educated in high performance environments and apply these qualifications for your benefit.


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