Chinatown LA 9/21/02

We couldn't wait to share a few pictures with you -- we would have liked having you with us even better

 We're waiting for the Blue Line, which is light rail. We took it to the Red Line, which is a subway. We were only on the red line for a few stops before we ended up at Union Station.


 Georgia and Bonnie have to clang their tambourines every time they hear the word "Moon." The lady in the straw hat is describing traditions related to the Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival.
[Please take note of the two lovely ladies in tiaras over at the right side of the stage. The one in jeans is the "first princess" and the other one is the "third princess." They are from Miss Chinatown's Court. Miss Chinatown was there too. We mostly saw the 3rd princess who was MC'ing the events under the tent. ]


 Lunch at Hop Louie (admittedly touristy, but that added to the fun). Check out Bonnie's foil wrapped chicken.


 At the end of a long day, the kids are on the plaza, and Union Station is in the background. Georgia thinks that the palm trees in this picture look like fireworks going off. I wish you could see Union Station in the picture as clearly as we could that day. It sure is pretty.



And there were lots of things in between that you'll have to come here to see with us!


 Oh, here are the bead curtains. These are still a hot item in our house.



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