More Calendar Candidates

I apologize in advance for the size of these..

 The Cow Jumping Over the Moon

 Chuck and Becky with the Bass

 Georgia's 3D Artwork -- her homemade 4 story doll house (which has since been increased to 5)

 Becky looking like she needs a nap

 Batman #1

 Bonnie's Puppet #1

 Bonnie's Puppet #2

 Bonnie's Puppet pulled off the background (just having fun with masking but how come it still looks like a rectangular image?)

 Bonnie dressed as a kitty and holding Ed

 All 3 pumpkins. Thanks Dad!

 Lassie (this picture is very recent last picture on the roll). Do you think she needs a Doggie Diet?

 Georgia's recital audience

 Georgia Kitty #1

 Georgia at her recital

 All 3 kids in their Halloween Costumes (now, on Halloween proper, we put make-up on her for nose and whiskers. So feel free to airbrush some in on the picture. J )

 Jack as Batman with his Bat Signal pumpkin

 Georgia Kitty #2

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