KD's Page

KD came from Sunnybrook Labs in Sun Prairie Wisconsin, with master hunters for both mom and dad. It was Kentucky Derby weekend, which is how she earned her name.  Skip works with her every day, and she's doing great. She's being trained as a pet and bird hunter, not for field trials.  We had some trouble at first getting her into the pond, but it turned out that her love of cheerios overpowered her fear of water. 

As of August 2004 she was up to double retrieves, responded well to the whistle, and gun shots didn't startle her.  Goose season is upon us, so her first real test was here.  She spent a month with a trainer, Bill, who taught her the hard stuff.  She cam back to us the day before the season opened, and had a great first day.

KD and her men, Skip and Dave, on her first opening day, October 16 2004

Waiting for birds

She didn't really like the feel of real birds, but she had the hang of it by the end of the day

KD at six months 8-2004

Puppy Pen ...KD's on the right outside the pen

Skip picks his puppy

Chasing Cheerios

Learning to retrieve

Hanging out on the deck

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