At home, I am a family man with a wife, three grown children, six grandchildren, and a dog. Unfortunately, none of the kids live nearby. You can see me in glorious black and white with two of my granddaughters on a roller coaster at Kings Island. This is an old picture, but one I of which I am quite fond. I am the one with my cap on backwards (so it won't blow off, it is not a fashion statement), they are the two screaming with joy.

My wife Lynn and I have a joint home page at Many other members of the Stateham family have home pages and E-mail addresses. To find links to them, please visit Yes, we have our own domain name. There are advantages to a less common name and being an early user of the Internet.


We have an Entlebucher male named Toby. Click on the image below to his home page.


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