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4/20/03 -- Happy Easter 2003



4/13/03 -- Statehams, Zoo, and Happy Birthday Jack

 Visit to see our newest family member 2/21/03

Georgia is thrilled with Katie

Jack is glad that Chase is old enough to play with him


 Our good friend Stacey came to visit on 3/29/03


 We went to the LA Zoo on 4/1/03, and we're not fooling J

How do you like the horse in the striped pajamas?

Mama lemur piggy backs baby and then "flies" all over


 Jack had a 3 cake birthday well, 2 cakes and 2 dozen cupcakes

Cake #1: 3 layer rice krispy cake from the Cortez family (breakfast)

(Cup)Cake #2: Chocolate baseball cupcakes for his Yankee team (late afternoon shown here with his coach)

Cake #3: A lemon baseball cake for our family to share (after dinner)

 Here's Bonnie modeling her new soccer outfit from Granddad and Grandma Lynn




And a little bit of both:


4/7/03 -- Jack is on the Yankees this year!

11/28/02 -- Yes, we put up our tree on Thanksgiving.


Click here to see Halloween, Recital, and Miscellaneous pictures.




Click on the Dragons to see our
Chinatown pictures
from the 2002 MoonCake Festival
(including pictures of the bead curtains the girls bought there).

Click on the globe to see pictures of Bible Translation Day at Biola

(including international dress-up clothes)



General No-Special-Event Photos:

 Bonnie proudly displays our Fried Rice

 Georgia cooks Coral and Jade Chicken (thanks for loaning her the hat, Jack)



 Our Revolutionary Children (Grandpa Ray sent these wonderful hats from Colonial Williamsburg)

 Georgia models her new school clothes


 10/6/02 -- The kids decided to put together all the puzzles in the house at once on the kitchen floor. They only managed to finish these 11 before Mom got tired of stepping over them while she made dinner.





9/27/02 (but the pictures cover the whole summer)

 Bonnie Rock Climbing at the California Science Center - June 2002

 Chuck and his travel guitar (camping) - June 2002



 Sunspot Baby Girls - June 2002

 All three kids with Ray (and wearing their gifts) - June 2002



 Georgia with a stick bug - August 2002

 Bonnie with a stick bug - August 2002



 Jack holding a stick bug (and wearing his new bow tie) - August 2002

 Jack's new neck tie



 Batman - August 2002

 Chuck's new suit - August 2002



 Haircut Day! (with our little friend Michael) - 9/3/02


 Georgia at Scholarship Camp - July 2002


 Georgia and Bonnie singing a duet in the Heavenly Half Notes Choir Performance - August 2002






Posted 6/17/02

 Georgia, Bonnie, Jack and Chase -- watching Chase's movie

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